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Nowell’s is pleased to continue offering our fine and pure Nowell’s Lamp Oil, the most efficient oil on the market. It has all the brightness and safety of kerosene and paraffin, but burns more thoroughly. It produces almost no soot and throws off practically no unburned raw fuel, the main cause of a kerosene lamp’s odor. Use it in any wick-style oil-burning device.


Nowell’s is pleased to continue offering our fine and pure NOWELL’S LAMP OIL. As far as we know, it is still one of the purist and cleanest-burning oils available.


When NOWELL’S first offered this product over 30 years ago, it was an answer to reducing the smoke and odors put out by kerosene-type lamp fuels. Our special formulation is still the industry standard for purity and efficiency. Many of our customers have written to thank us for a product that does not offend sensitive noses and, according to some of our letters, people with breathing difficulties comment that our oil is a relief to their symptoms when compared to other lamp fuels especially colored and perfumed products.


NOWELL’S LAMP OIL, with its virtually odorless, smokeless properties and absence of tinting chemicals and masking perfumes, is even a preferred fuel of many fire-breathers, (Apparently the taste isn’t offensive either, but we wouldn’t advise trying it!!! PLEASE NOTE THE WARNINGS ON THE LABEL.)


The clean-burning properties of NOWELL’S LAMP OIL produce almost no soot when burned properly, and throws off practically no un-burned fuel. It is also just as safe and as bright as kerosene fuels.


The requested oil lamp fuel from England, to Canada, to Taiwan, and sold throughout the United States, NOWELL-‘S strives to provide the cleanest burning oil available anywhere.


If you cannot find our oil locally, please contact us for a dealer in your area or ask a local hardware, gift, or candle store about stocking our product. We can also arrange full-case shipments to areas not serviced by dealers.


Bill & Carol Beck, Tiburon, CA

“Nowell’s Lamp Oil is the finest we have ever used. We have been fans of Nowell’s for several decades, and have recommended it to our friends. It burns clean and bright; is smokeless and odorless, thanks to its high quality and refinement. We buy it by the case, and recommend that others do so. We hope it will never go off the market.”

Marji and Charlie Evans, California

“We have been using Nowell’s lamp oil for many years and found it to be the best!  It burns clean with no odor.  We love it and buy it by the case.”

Jim Sanderson, Erie, PA

“My wife and I decided to get a couple oil lamps for light when we lose our power in storms.  For what batteries cost, lamp oil is a real bargain, and a little extra heat doesn’t hurt either.  We bought a couple oil lamps, but have been hesitant about buying oil for them.  My wife has a very sensitive nose and can’t stand the odor of any kind of fuels or cleaning fluids with a mineral base.  We received our Nowell’s Lamp Oil today and are so impressed with it.  There is virtually no odor to it and it burns so clean and gives off great light.  We are so glad we checked out the web for lamp oil, and found Nowell’s.  I would recommend Nowell’s Lamp Oil to anyone that uses an oil lamp.”