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Frequently asked questions

Can Nowell's lighting make custom lighting fixtures?

Yes,  we specialize in custom lighting fabrication for contractors, arquitects and designers projects, as well as custom residential design. You may speak to a customer service representative at (415) 332-4933  if you have questions about a custom project.

Are Nowell's Lighting product UL approved?

Yes, all hand crafted, manufactured lighting by Nowell’s is UL approved.

Do Nowell's do Lamp Repair and rewiring on all lamp types?

Yes, we repair table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, sconces and much more.

Can Nowell's Ligthing modify and existing fixture?

Yes, we can modify your existing fixture. Shorten or extending stems/chain, refinish if possible and change shades.

Can Nowell's Lighting electrify a candle chandelier/candle sconces or turn something into a table lamp or ceiling fixture?

Yes, we can convert many different items into lighting, candle holders, glass shades, Candle chandeliers. Original gas lamps or oil lamps. We can custom  table lamps from bases.